White House Announces Installation of Parcourse

As part of her “Let’s Move!” fitness initiative, First Lady Michele Obama has announced the installation of a parcourse on the White House grounds.  “It’s the People’s House,” Mrs. Obama said,  “and its very design seems to invite people to use the grounds for jumping, running, and stretching.” 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the course should be open to the public by November 4th, although a beta version was tested Sept. 19th and found to be “fun and functional.”

The fitness trail will offer 22 exercise stops both inside and outside the property, designed to “increase the heartbeat and sweat off the pounds.”   The course will begin at the North Lawn fence, zig-zagging across the grounds, encountering the Vault Bar, Chin-up bar, and Achilles Stretch stations.  

Once inside the North Entrance, after a stop at the Heart Check Station inside the Chief Usher’s office, fitness enthusiasts can continue to a series of high-impact exercises.  Stairs to the President’s bedroom allow for leg, hamstring, and thigh stretches.  After a stop for refreshment in the White House kitchen, the East Room features a Sit-and-Reach activity, an assisted Trunk Stretch, and a variety of Body Curl opportunities.  Uniformed specialists will be on hand to “instruct and inspire” said one White House source.

A Stop-Drop-and-Roll activity will bring the dedicated health fan through the Green Room and out the South Portico, continuing onto the South Lawn and out to the final challenge—clearing an 8-foot fence onto Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Earnest praised the First Lady’s initiative.  “She’s a tireless exerciser, and opening up the White House grounds like this will bring a whole new dimension to the term ‘crazy fit.’”  


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