Bernie Sanders' Top Ten Pickup Lines

1.    Want to come to my place and reduce the income gap?

2.    My emissions ain’t carbon yet.

3.    Let’s break up the big banks. But first, let’s break my La-Z-Boy.

4.    I believe in a single-payer system, but for you—no charge.

5.    You look like the kind of girl who’d help an old guy overhaul his infrastructure, am I right?

6.    Nothing puts me in the mood like a glass of wine, raw oysters, and a Harris poll.

7.    Once you’ve had a democratic socialist you never go back.

8.    You look like a woman who appreciates closing a loophole.

9.    I’ll take you to heights of collective bargaining most women just dream of.

10. People say I’m too big to fail.


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