MLB Investigating White House Gate Crashers

The couple that crashed a state dinner at the White House raised new questions concerning security at Major League Baseball games when it was discovered that they had both played in the 2009 World Series.

Tariq and Michaele Salahi, who sidestepped intense secret service screening to have their pictures taken with President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, posted photos of themselves on their Facebook pages, showing them on the field Nov. 1st in Phillies uniforms during game four of the contest between Philadelphia and the New York Yankees. Facebook has since removed the photos from the site.

The Salahis managed to circumvent the Citizens Band Park security, suiting up in a custodial closet and managing a brief warm-up in the bullpen before taking the field, with Tariq in left field and his wife playing shortstop. “I was so into the game it didn’t occur to me that [the left fielder] looked a little old and out of shape,” said center fielder Brett Gardner. “I should’ve noticed the Italian loafers he was wearing, though, and that was my fault.” Gardner will face questions by MLB attorneys early next week.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig ordered a full investigation. “Had Michaele not let Melky Cabrera’s line drive get past her, it might have changed the course of the whole series. We’re looking into how this might affect the validity of the Yankees' pennant. The Phillies are heartsick, and I’m speaking with Arlen Specter (R-PA) to see if we can’t get a full accounting of how the Salahis got past security," Selig fumed. "This is a serious breach, and it could have been disastrous had the couple been armed with anything other than a Louisville slugger.”

While the Phillies had the game tied by the end of the 8th inning, the sudden and unnoticed appearance of the Salahis at the bottom of the 9th stalled Philadelphia’s rally and allowed the Yankees to score three runs, winning the game. Tariq Salahi was walked at his first at-bat, while Michaele managed to pull a single from Cliff Lee’s slider. Tariq Salahi dropped two easy pop fly balls, while Michaele seemed pre-occupied with her nails during two crucial plays. The Phillies regained their equilibrium in Game 5, but were clobbered by the Yankees in the final game.

The Salahis would not return calls, but a spokesman for the couple said they are in talks with ESPN about a reality show reminiscent of the exploits of writer George Plimpton.


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