Lindsay Lohan's Ankle Bracelet Arrested

Los Angeles - The court-ordered SCRAM ankle bracelet worn by actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested in West Hollywood early Wednesday morning. LAPD spokesperson Margaret Smithie said that the anklet was taken into custody after a 1:30 altercation outside the Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd. Witnesses said the anklet became belligerent after being refused a drink at the hotel's Purple bar and the disturbance spilled out onto Sunset Blvd., where the anklet allegedly assaulted one of the hotel's security staff. After refusing the Breathalyzer, the SCRAM device was taken to the county's Twin Towers facility as a late night crowd milled about. The anklet will be arraigned this afternoon.

"Geez--a SCRAM can't even walk into a bar without setting off all kinds of rumors and accusations," a frustrated Lohan said in a Twitter post. "He had a couple of drinks and was fine the last time I saw him. Now I've got to go bail his ass out. Again." Lohan refused to speak to the media.

The SCRAM device has a record of run-ins with the law and has two stints in rehab going back to 2008. Lohan has paid for its legal defense and bail as well as the rehab bill. But a spokesperson said that Lohan has cut ties with the device and is currently "scouting for a new anklet that won't keep getting itself into trouble."


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