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Last November I wrote a piece about what I learned from my father, my mother, my kids, and our dogs.  My wife, Louise, took exception though she never said so directly, only mentioning it peripherally about three dozen times.   I watched her leave the house this morning, looking radiant as she ventured forth on a cold, rainy day to face the world as I lingered, unshaven, in my pajamas, clutching a mug of coffee (which she made) like a life raft.   Then I was reminded to right a wrong, and just maybe sneak in a thought or two about why I adore her at the same time.  So here are some lessons I have culled from Louise.  And it's just the start.

Women sit in the car for 20 minutes before they pull out of the driveway.  They just do.  Don’t try to figure it out.

Laughing about nothing is as good as crying about something.

She is not a sounding board for my excuses.

She remembers everything I have ever said, by date and time, but never uses it against me.

Trust is sex is trust.

You can admit you’re wrong without using the apology as a weapon.

I could watch her operate the power drill I bought two years ago all day; in fact, it’s a pleasure to see someone finally use it.

She operates that same drill with more dexterity and less colorful language.  I guess.

Before you stun him, hang him upside down, and eviscerate him while he’s still breathing, call someone.

She doesn’t complete me, but she sure adds to the mix.

She is left brain, I am right brain.  I can write 250 words about the nature of the checkbook; she can balance it.

A new idea is not a threat.

It’s not necessary to have given birth to children to be a wonderful mother.

A little bit of peanut butter on the dog's nose is better than any movie with Jack Black.

2 x h (-m):  Twice as hot without makeup.

What looks like a long, slow and painful death to me looks like a 250-piece puzzle to her.

Feelings change, but vows don’t.

You can listen with your heart, but you should get a second opinion.

There’s a lot to learn about all of them by watching her with my kids.

I am more to her than my credit score.

I will learn to love the dogs, or I will be sleeping in a crate next to theirs.

She loves me at all angles.

A column like this can (almost) make up for a week of distractions.

And Happy New Year to all of you who keep checking in.


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