Hundreds endure long lines as First-Class stamp price increases

Hundreds of money-conscious customers lined up in often sub-freezing temperatures on Friday to take advantage of the last day first-class stamps would cost .46.  A three-cent increase takes effect today. The United States Postal Service said the increase is necessary to keep it solvent as it regroups to compete with other parcel carriers and the convenience of texts and emails.

"I waited in line for four hours," said Nellis Clenger of St. Paul, MN.  "But I got a ton of stamps--I'm trying to stretch my paycheck."  How much did he save?"  "Heck, I went ahead and bought a hundred of them.  It's really smart to buy in bulk."

Carole Martinet of Claiborne, WY says she "went whole hog" when she first heard about the proposed increase, waiting in long lines at multiple post offices to stock up on "46 center's." "It was a little inconvenient standing in line all day, but my family took turns holding our place while the others warmed themselves up in the car," she said.  "So in the end, I got over 200 stamps, which made my savings, well, you can add it up."

"Nobody likes to take a financial hit like this, but I guess greed is just part of the times we live in," Clenger said.

The sale of the new "Forever" stamps at the Claiborne office alone netted the United States Postal Service over $150.00 in increases.  The USPS lost $5 billion in 2013.


  1. where where will the lines form for water-rationing? i want get in them now.


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