Truth in advertising catches on for 2017's classic rock tours

Devoted fans of Beyonce who bought tickets to see her perform at this year’s Coachella expressed disappointment when she was replaced with Lady Gaga. So you can imagine the letdown when baby boomer fans lined up a few summers ago to see Creedence Clearwater Revisited only to hear the favorite songs of their youth sung by Doug Clifford. A petition has been gaining signatures this year, just before the big summer tour rollouts, to force promoters to say, honestly, who you’re laying down $125 to see perform from the back fence of the venue.

Pachinko has the tentative lineup, which will help manage expectations even though that bag of weed you bought at the local green cross will smooth out the rough spots somewhat. But, hey--who's there for the music anymore, anyway? Rave up! Party on! And Don’t Ask!

Journey and the Singer They Got From Craigslist.
The Drummer from Kansas
ABBA, Anni-Fryd & Bjorn, But Alone
Two Old Wankers Who Used to Be The Who
The Beach Boys’ Mike Love and His Last Three Friends
An Allman Brother
Wolfie Van Halen
Two Members of The Jacksons Who Aren’t Pissed at Each Other
Someone Who Met The Ramones
Deep Purple Without the Guitar
That Dude from Foreigner
Roger Waters’ Cousin Ned
Really Bad Company
A Woman Who Says She’s Solange
The Maracas Player from Chicago
Certainly Not Sly and Maybe Three of the Family Stone
Queen Karaoke
Three Dog Night Short Two Dogs
One of The Kinks
 NPR's Scott Simon and Garfunkel
Who the Fuck is Cage the Elephant?
Boston, We Guess.
The Doobie Brothers Roadies and Patrick Simmons
An Evening of Genesis Music On the Accordion


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