Twenty new answers finally chosen for 2017 Magic 8-Ball

 In the 1950s, Mattel foist the Magic 8-Ball toy onto the world, and it has become an evergreen toy ever since. Kids and adults have turned to the 8-Ball for 20 random answers to their most life-changing questions. But lordy, that was the 1950s and some of the answers are so noncommital to the . Thankfully, Pachinko has gotten ahold of Mattel’s latest incarnation of its famous 8-Ball, and the new answers promise a more relevant and informed decision making process for all.

Below is a list of the 2017 responses, culled from thousands of suggestions.


Sure, whatever

Bet your 401k on it

Fuck yes

No worries!

Follow your sickest impulse


No shit, Sherlock

Yes, if you like pinkeye

Drink over it

Ask again after meds

Bomb Syria

Pay me first

You’re harshing my buzz

Ask again but scream it

Talk to plastic much?

You disappoint me

Grow a pair

Bitch, please

It’s your funeral


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